Have you got chronic squeaky floorboards in your house? Do you wish you could walk around without causing a racket and disturbing everyone else who’s home? Are you disappointed that your builder has left you with a creaky wooden floor, not a smooth flawless one? Then you’ve landed on just the right page!

Welcome to Squeaky Floors.

Established in 2013, we’re dedicated to fixing squeaking floorboards in both older and modern homes. We can even fix carpeted squeaky floors and eliminate those annoying creaks and strained noises. Whether you’ve got just one squeaky spot or a whole noisy floor, you can rely on our highly qualified carpenters to fix creaking floorboards for good!

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Squeaky floors are a common and irritating problem that most people suffer from. With our specialist services, we remove the noisy friction and vibration from under your feet without damaging your hardwood or carpeted flooring.

But that’s not where our industry experts stop being of use. In addition to carpeted & timber floorboard repair, we also offer a full suite of services, including:


Squeaky floorboards disturbing the tranquillity of your home? Whether due to age, wear and tear, or structural issues, our experts have the expertise to effectively repair creaking floorboards and restore peace in your living space.

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Embrace the real essence of the Australian lifestyle by elevating your outdoor entertainment space. Our team specialises in constructing decks, pergolas, and privacy screens to enhance your alfresco area.

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The backbone of any construction, whether a new build or renovation, lies in its structural integrity. Trust us to get your framing done right the first time around.

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Site security and preparing your frame for plastering are crucial stages in any construction process. Experience peace of mind with our professional lockup services.

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It’s the minute details that truly bring a home to life. From installing doors and door handles to perfecting architraves and skirting boards, rely on our exceptional carpentry skills.

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Why Trust Our Specialist to Repair Squeaking Floorboards?

We are a team of qualified, experienced carpenters focused on high-quality craft and customer service.

Our staff will quickly diagnose the source of the problem, whether it’s a loose floorboard or a gap, and repair creaking floorboards using high-quality materials made especially for decking and flooring.

Because we’re carpenters with years of experience in the industry, we can carry out timber floor repair with confidence that we’re doing the right thing for the structural integrity of your floors as well as the noisiness.

What are the Common Causes for Creaking Floorboards?

Like any problem, fixing squeaky floors will start with understanding what’s causing the problem. Some common issues we will look to remedy include:

Loose Floorboards

As you can imagine, the most common reason for creaky wooden floors is that they have become loose over time. High levels of foot traffic and the natural settling of a house are often the culprit, as they continuously loosen and shift the nails.

When you step on a loose board, it moves slightly, creating that unmistakable squeaking or creaking noise.

Dry Conditions

Wood, like timber, naturally expands and contracts based on the humidity level in your home. In drier climates or during the winter months when indoor heating is used, timber floorboards can shrink slightly. This change can lead to gaps between the boards and subfloor, causing them to rub against each other and create a squeaking noise.

Poor Installation or Inferior Materials

Creaking floorboards can also occur when the boards themselves, or the subfloor, were not properly installed. This could be due to insufficient nailing, improper adhesive, or failure to ensure the floor is level before installation. Likewise, using substandard materials or the wrong type of nails or screws can also cause problems.

Structural Issues

In some cases, squeaky floors can be a symptom of a larger structural problem. For example, if the joists or beams that support your floor are warping, rotting, or otherwise compromised, it can cause your floorboards to move more than they should, resulting in a squeak. Similarly, if your foundation is settling unevenly, it can put extra stress on your floorboards and cause them to squeak.

Naturally, you won’t just want to repair squeaky floorboards, but the wider issue that could cause issues for your property.

Age and Wear

Age and general wear and tear are common culprits behind squeaking and creaking floorboards. Over time, the repeated pressure can wear down the boards and the nails holding them in place. This wear can lead to movement in the floorboards, causing them to rub against each other or the subfloor and create a squeaking sound. Regular maintenance and careful treatment of the floors can help prevent this kind of wear and tear.


Are you tired of living with creaking floorboards but unsure how to fix the problem? Ready to transform your space with quality, precision, and unparalleled service?

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